Andy Williams

Head Warehouse Mechanic

Andy started at Serene landscape group in August 2016. He currently oversees all repairs of vehicles and equipment within the company.

Andy has a mechanical background, and started working on vehicles when he was 15 years old with a neighbor. He has worked in auto repair shops for 20+ years and also had the opportunity to work as a high precision machinist for 14 years, working with 80% Carbide and 20% steel at a gage company located in Livonia, MI. Andy truly believes that helped sharpen his skills with the full understanding of how to manipulate and shape metal in many ways. He lived in Dearborn and attended Edsel Ford High School, class of 1990, and has lived in Dearborn Heights for the past 25+ years with his wife Jennifer, of 18 years. Together, the two have four adult children. Andy and his wife own some property up north in the Houghton Lake area and like to spend a good part of his free time deer hunting in season. He also enjoys drag racing and tinkering on hot rods.