Landscape Maintenance

Enjoy a well-maintained, beautiful landscape, without any of the work; Serene Landscape Group provides complete care for all of your landscape maintenance and lawn care needs.

Lawn Care and Fertilization

Our professional technicians provide quality lawn care and fertilization services tailored to your specific needs. #TeamSerene will help you create a custom program that will ensure a lush, green, maintained lawn all season long. We offer the following:


Our personalized lawn care programs include bi-weekly mechanical edging and string trimming around landscape beds and structures in addition to general clean up each visit.

At Serene Landscape Group, our focus is on complete care, and to provide the best service possible, we create custom maintenance programs for all of our clients, and as a result, we do not offer lawn mowing as a standalone service.


We strive to help every client achieve lush, healthy grass throughout the season and oftentimes that includes annual fertilization. In cases where your lawn might require special help, our fertilization technicians will provide a full-assessment and help you create a custom plan for you.

Additionally, we provide insect and grub control, turf fungus and disease control, weed control, and more. Our lawn fertilization programs include insect control application, pre-emergent crabgrass control application, and two broadleaf weed control applications.

  • Basic Fertilization – This program includes 6 fertilization applications, fall core aeration, and grub control.
  • Standard Fertilization – This program includes 7 fertilization applications, fall core aeration and overseed, grub control, and disease control application.
  • Advanced Fertilization – This program includes 8 fertilization applications, fall core aeration and overseed, grub control, and two disease control applications.


Core aeration and overseeding are additional measures to take when trying to grow a healthy lawn.

  • Core aeration – This is an essential lawn care step to achieve a lush, green lawn. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and allows for optimal water and fertilizer use, improved turf grass resiliency, and a stronger root system for your lawn. It also helps prevent fertilizer and pest control run-off from damaging overly compacted turf areas.
  • Overseeding – This is also available so that our clients can maximize the benefits of the core aeration service, promoting a healthier, thicker lawn while discouraging weeds. Additionally, we offer slice seeding, which utilizes a piece of machinery called a slice seeder to make ½” to 1” deep slices in the ground with its vertical blades. Premium grass seed is then dropped into these slices, significantly improving the chance for the seed to germinate.


Spring clean-up and fall leaf removals can be added to your personalized lawn program dependent on your needs. In both services, leaves and debris will be blown out of landscape beds and removed from site.


Watering is an essential part of any healthy lawn, which is why Serene Landscape Group both installs and maintains irrigation systems. Our experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn while reducing waste. The benefits of installing irrigation systems include the following:

  • Automated sprinkler systems take the worry and time out of manual watering.
  • More aesthetically pleasing appearance which eliminates bulky, ugly hoses.
  • Improved efficiency including lower water bills and less water run-off.
  • Proper water delivery will conserve soil nutrients.
  • Adds value to your property.

Landscape Maintenance

Serene offers gardening and weeding services in addition to other landscape maintenance services that suit your schedule. Below you’ll find our full-list of offerings.


These programs include perennial maintenance, dead-heading flowers, light pruning in between seasonal pruning, weeding, and general bed clean-up.

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced


Our tree and shrub care program include a spring dormant oil treatment, 4 insect and disease control applications, and 1 deep root fertilizer treatment.


Our seasonal color includes bed prep of organic composting, tilling, and fertilizing.

  • Spring Color – Planted in early spring to give your landscape a pop of color. Most common annual planted are icicle pansies.
  • Summer Color – Planted mid-May through early June, these hardy annuals will last all summer to the first fall frost. Most common summer annual planted are begonias.
  • Fall Color – Mums are installed early late September through October to keep your landscape colorful all season.
  • Spring Flowering Bulbs – Bulbs are installed late fall and will bloom early spring. We offer a wide variety of beautiful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and more.

Additional Services

Our expert landscapers will individually prune and trim plants to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, and keep a well-groomed appearance.

We recut the natural landscape bed edge to make landscape beds clean and defined.

Mulch is used to refresh landscape beds and at Serene, we offer a variety of types to choose from and our professionals will estimate an exact quantity for every space.

Cleanup of landscape beds includes the removal of trash and handbills, sticks and branches, as well as dead plant material. This service will not replace spring cleanup and leaf removal for landscape beds, which is performed seasonally by our team. However, if any leaves or debris should collect in the beds between these services, our landscapers will remove them to keep the beds neat.

Our specialists will consult with you to resolve your pest problem with a customized insect and disease program designed for individual plant needs.

Additionally, we can treat specific ornamental problems such as mineral deficiencies or bore infestation.