Prepping Your Garden for Fall: August To-Do List

Hello August to-do list

While the summer temperatures are still high up there, now is the time to gear up your garden for the upcoming fall season. August serves as a crucial period for gardeners to prepare their outdoor spaces for the transition. Team Serene has an August To-Do List to ensure your garden stays vibrant and ready for the autumnal shift.  


Assess and Plan

Evaluating the current state of your garden helps you identify plants that need special attention or that might not survive the fall transition. You can plan new fall plantings and consider the changes you may want in the gardens layout. 


Clean Up and Prune

Removing spent blossoms and deadhead flowering plants encourages new growth. Pruning shrubs and trees helps shape them and gives you a chance to remove damaged branches. Clearing weeds prevents them from spreading seeds for the following season.  


Soil Preparation

Adding organic matter like compost or mulch can help replenish the soils nutrients. You can also prepare beds for fall planting by loosening the soil and removing debris. 


Fall Planting Preparation

Selecting appropriate plants for fall that thrive in your region helps them last longer. Starting seeds indoors for cool-season vegetables or flowers is always recommended. 


Irrigation and Maintenance

Regular watering is necessary but adjust for cooler temperatures. Inspect irrigation systems for leaks or inefficiencies. 


Pest and Disease Management

Monitor for pests and diseases that are more common in late summer and take preventative measures.

By following this comprehensive August To-Do List, you’ll set the stage for a successful and thriving garden throughout the fall season. Serene Landscape Group can help you with all your landscape maintenance .
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