The Importance of Early Spring Fertilization

Each year in Michigan, as the snow begins to melt and temperatures rise, we’re greeted with discolored, dead grass. Before spring turns to summer, your lawn needs some major TLC to ensure lush, green grass all season long, and the perfect way to revive it is with fertilization. Here’s a few reasons why spring is a peak-time for fertilization:

Post-Winter Recovery:

Michigan is notorious for its harsh, long winters, leaving your grass and much of your landscape dull and dead. Applying fertilization in the early spring will help your lawn bounce back much faster after being dormant for months. Additionally, adding these nutrients will promote healthy growth throughout the season.

Weed and Crabgrass Control

Applying fertilizer to your lawn will require less amounts of herbicides (weed killer). As fertilization promotes a thick, healthy lawn, this creates a natural resistance to weed and crabgrass growth as it makes it difficult for them to take root.

Improved Root Development

Early spring fertilization will allow your lawn’s root system to deepen and develop. Strong roots are important as they’ll help your grass hold up against Michigan’s hot, humid summer.

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