Fall Harvest: Vegetables and Herbs to Plant

fall harvest vegetables and herbs

September is the ideal time for gardeners to plan and plant for a bountiful fall harvest. Team Serene can help you discover the vegetables and herbs that thrive ensuring a plentiful yield for your autumn meals!


Choosing the right Vegetables and Herbs For the Perfect Fall Harvest

Vegetables and Herbs that can withstand the cooler weather is essential when planting in September. Anything planted in this month must have the ability to flourish in fall conditions. A few Vegetables that meet these requirements are Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Carrots, and Radishes. Root bulbs such as Garlic are great to plant at this time of year. Let’s not forget Herbs, some Herbs that fit the bill are Onions, Parsley, Chives, Cilantro, and Dill. Beans are another fast-growing vegetable that can be planted throughout the month of September. Combine your Bean harvest with your salad greens for a complete Fall Harvest!

Fall Harvest Planting Tips and Techniques

  • Protecting delicate plants from early frosts and colder temperatures is essential to ensure their survival and maintain their health. Here are several methods you can use when preparing your garden for fall to shield your plants from chilly weather: mulching, row covers and cloths, overwinter tender plants in the greenhouse, cloches or mini greenhouse, container relocation, choose frost-tolerant varieties, or monitor and remove covers.
  • Continue to water your plants, but consider how much water you give them on colder days.
  • Soil should be prepared and nourished before planting.

Harvesting and Usage

The best time to plant/harvest for each plant is different. There are lots of resources that can help you figure out when to plant, what kinds of soil are best for each Vegetable/Herb, how much sun light or water each needs and other useful knowledge such as disease you can make with each. One of our favorites the Farmer Almanac 

is great for all kinds of plant information.

Planting these recommended Vegetables and Herbs will give you a fruitful fall harvest, a fresh and flavorful addition to your seasonal dishes, and keep your garden going all year round.  Serene Landscape Group can help you with all your landscape maintenance .
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