I grew up in Westland, Michigan and still live there. I attended John Glenn High School where I enrolled in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) for all four years and graduated with honors. JROTC was my first steppingstone in learning leadership and strong team values, and always being challenged academically, mentally, and physically for achievement. With JROTC having a military ranked grading structure, getting involved in community service while pushing myself to become a better person was how we were recognized to be promoted. The harder I worked and the more involved I got, I knew this was teaching and preparing me for the real world. Hard work and effort will always pay off.

I started my first job at 15 years old working in a restaurant bussing tables. Being the person that I am, I was always striving for the next level up. For four years I worked in the restaurant and was promoted multiple times into new positions, being a people-person, being a server, bar back, and banquet bartender came naturally to me. Looking to grow financially I left the restaurant and began working retail for Godiva Chocolates, which provided me with more money, better hours, and a higher ceiling for growth. Within a few months and I was already taking on new roles, learning how to take inventory and manage the order list. With this, I was trained on using an iPad and numerous Apps that ran the store. By the end of my first year I was promoted to P.M shift manager and a few months later I carried on as the general store manager. Taking on this role I was handling everything from the ground up including scheduling, ordering, hiring, and maintenance of the store. At the beginning of my third year, I was announced as our district manager, managing all three locations the same. Managing all three stores well enough for more than a year I knew I could handle more, while seeking out for other employment options I felt I needed a change, but this time I was looking for a change of scenery as well.

In April of 2014, my journey led me to Serene Landscape Group, a well-known growing business in the Plymouth community. At first making the switch from indoor retail to outdoor landscaping seemed crazy, as well as taking a pay cut and stepping down in position, but I felt it’s where I was meant to be. I’ve always been the wilderness type of guy with a passion for the outdoors and never knew lawn care would be my niche. I started working in lawn mowing as the #2 guy on a 2-man crew cutting small residential houses. After 3 months in, little things like caring for the equipment, nicely serviced lawns, arriving early every day while helping other crews load and unload, I was recognized by my peers and worked my way into a foreman position running a crew of my own. I’ve been with Serene for six years now and have been the Lawn Production Manager for just under three years. I take pride in the operations, efficiency, and quality of my department as a whole. My employees know from working with me that I’m still the guy who gets his hands dirty; I love getting out and helping the crews on my down time, still giving me the satisfaction and feeling of being out in the field. Also, I lead by example, I believe my employees trust I know my role and department because they see me in the field occasionally. I’m open minded and relatable, always looking and listening to what others say and do. For me, becoming a great leader means you must first become a great follower.

Serene Landscape Group is hiring and we want you to join our team! We're offering some great incentives to applicants right now including a hiring bonus of up to $1,000 in addition to a $30 gas card to candidates that have a successful interview. If you're interested, visit our careers page, www.serenesurroundings.com/careers, or email wgrigg@serenesurroundings.com.