Daphney Winters – Landscape Designer

As a young girl, Daphney was the type to play in the mud wearing a princess dress. She knew that wherever she ended up in life, enjoying the outdoors was a key factor. Becoming a professional kayaker didn’t seem to be in the cards, so she pursued a career where she could appreciate the outdoors while using her creative talents.

Daphney earned her degree in both Horticulture and Sports and Commercial Turfgrass Management from Michigan State University. During her time at MSU, she participated in a program hosted by the University of Colorado-Boulder and completed internships with multiple nurseries and landscape companies throughout mid-Michigan. After college, she began a career in the nursery industry, where she advanced her plant identification and maintenance skills. You can see Daphney’s experience and talent on display through her functional and beautiful landscape designs.

Daphney has a unique perspective on landscapes, seeing the client’s property as a canvas to create a work of art. She uses her ability to understand the client’s needs and creates a useable and aesthetic landscape. Specializing in outdoor entertainment areas, Daphney can help you turn your backyard into your own private oasis.