Dan has been a part of Serene Surroundings since 2011, he is a key element to the production team managing the fluency and effectivity of employee’s and jobs. Dan’s work ethic has helped lead him to the position he is in, expressing great leadership and loyalty that does not go unnoticed. His expectations are high on a daily basis, which is why the successful outcome of all jobs are his number one priority. He has successfully paved the way for others to follow in achieving their goals and professionalism with the company.

Serene Landscape Group is hiring and we want you to join our team! We're offering some great incentives to applicants right now including a hiring bonus of up to $1,000 in addition to a $30 gas card to candidates that have a successful interview. If you're interested, visit our careers page, www.serenesurroundings.com/careers, or email wgrigg@serenesurroundings.com.