23 Sep 2021

Benefits of Professional Holiday Lighting

At Serene Landscape Group, we love being able to help families get in the Christmas spirit with our annual holiday lighting installation. While hanging holiday lights seems like a fairly reasonable task, it can be a daunting one to accomplish on your own, and hiring a professional to get the job done has many benefits, including the following:

Safety: The probability of an accident happening while hanging your holiday lights outside your home yourself is high, which is why it is safer to hire professionals who are insured! This can also be cost-effective, as a trip to the ER will likely cost you much more.

Custom Design: Each year, Serene’s designers customize the lighting displays to each individual client and their home. This means if you so choose, you can have a fresh, new design each year that will be a one-of-a-kind display in your neighborhood.

Convenience: Let’s be real; hanging holiday lights is a hassle. Hiring a professional means you no longer have to deal with tangled wires and broken bulbs. Our team takes on everything from the design to the installation, and even the removal.

Quality: Professionals always provide the highest quality lights on the market, including LED’s. If you don’t own lights, you’ll likely have to purchase them for inflated prices during the holiday season, or if you do own them, you’ll have to spend additional dollars on replacement bulbs or, general wear and tear. Our team will take care of everything while you sit back and focus on more important things, like spending time with your family during the holidays.

You may not want to go full-on “Clark Griswold” on your home, but the Serene Landscape Group designers can collaborate with you to create beautiful, custom designs for both residential and business settings.

Save yourself the hassle this year and contact Serene Landscape Group to secure your holiday lighting installation!

13 Aug 2021
rain garden

Why You Should Add a Rain Garden to Your Landscape

Southeast Michigan has been experiencing a growing number of significant rainfalls, which has resulted in many affected by localized and regional flooding. While considering your landscaping plan for next year, integrating a rain garden, which is not only functional, but beautiful, is worth considering.

What is a Rain Garden?

Contrary to what the name implies, a rain garden in Michigan will be dry most of the time. It is not a water garden, pond, or wetland. Rain gardens are actually designed to hold water only during and immediately following a rainfall event.


  • Protection from flooding: First and foremost, rain gardens collect rainwater runoff, discouraging pooling around your home and flowing into basements and foundations.
  • Increased property value: Planted with native shrubs, grasses, and flowers, rain gardens are aesthetically pleasing. More homeowners are becoming interested in being environmentally responsible.
  • Lower pest population: As rain gardens drain within 12-48 hours, they prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Natural benefits: low maintenance, native vegetation that requires no fertilizer and attracts beneficial birds, butterflies, and insects.
  • Environmentally friendly: The collected water is filtered by vegetation and percolates through the soil layers, refilling groundwater aquifers, filtering out most pollutants.

Only so much water can be soaked up by standard landscaping. An expertly installed rain garden consisting of native shrubs, perennials, and flowers and is a beautiful, environmentally responsible addition to your yard.

If you’re interested in adding a rain garden or revamping your landscape, contact Serene Landscape Group!

17 Mar 2021

The Importance of Early Spring Fertilization

Each year in Michigan, as the snow begins to melt and temperatures rise, we’re greeted with discolored, dead grass. Before spring turns to summer, your lawn needs some major TLC to ensure lush, green grass all season long, and the perfect way to revive it is with fertilization. Here’s a few reasons why spring is a peak-time for fertilization:

Post-Winter Recovery:

Michigan is notorious for its harsh, long winters, leaving your grass and much of your landscape dull and dead. Applying fertilization in the early spring will help your lawn bounce back much faster after being dormant for months. Additionally, adding these nutrients will promote healthy growth throughout the season.

Weed and Crabgrass Control

Applying fertilizer to your lawn will require less amounts of herbicides (weed killer). As fertilization promotes a thick, healthy lawn, this creates a natural resistance to weed and crabgrass growth as it makes it difficult for them to take root.

Improved Root Development

Early spring fertilization will allow your lawn’s root system to deepen and develop. Strong roots are important as they’ll help your grass hold up against Michigan’s hot, humid summer.

Our experts at Serene Landscape Group are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care programs and early spring fertilization specials!

12 Aug 2020
Red Mulch

5 Tips for Working with Mulch

So, you want to add mulch to your landscape… But, how do you use it? #TeamSerene is here to help! Our trusted professionals are bringing you five tried and true tips when working with mulch.

1. A little goes a long way

Yes, you can overuse mulch and the resulting consequence? Killing your plants! A layer of mulch should not exceed three inches as it can cause roots to grow shallow and leave your roots exposed during dry periods.

2. Mulch in the fall

Mulching is not only for the spring and summer! Adding a layer of mulch in the fall before winter sets in will allow it to act as an insulator for your plants when the temperature drops.

3. Don’t remove mulch

Once you’ve started mulching, you have to stay with it. Removing mulch can cause the soil to dry out and leave your plant’s roots injured.

4. Don’t mound mulch around trees

This is easily the most common mistake many first-time mulch users make. Mounding, or creating a volcano shape, around the trunk of a tree will ultimately lead to many problems like bark rot, disease, and insect problems. You can create a deeper layer, about four inches, around the tree, but make sure to bring the edges higher, creating a saucer like shape. This will keep the mulch away from the trunk, and help hold and distribute water to the tree’s root system!

5. Use heavier mulch materials in areas you won’t be digging much

Woody or bark mulches are perfect for areas where you don’t be doing a lot of digging, like in flower beds. Lighter mulch materials such as straw, is easily worked into the soil, making it better for areas like vegetable gardens where digging and replanting is common.

In search of the perfect mulch for your home? Serene Landscape Group offers bulk landscape material delivery! We offer a variety of materials including mulch, soil, decorative stone, and more. We’ll do the heavy lifting and bring the materials directly to your site. Contact us today to get started!

27 Jun 2020

8 Summer Blooms You’ll Spot in Michigan

We are so happy to have sunshine, blue skies, and higher temps here in Michigan. Now that summer is in full season, you will see landscaping come back to life with new blooms and vivid colors. So, we’re sharing eight blooms to inspire your summer landscape projects!


Cardinal Flower

The Cardinal Flower is a wildflower plant native to much of the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These tall perennials bloom in late summer, can reach 1.5’ to 2’ tall, and can tolerate full sun to full shade.


‘Bright Eyes’ Garden Phlox

This perennial is special due to its high resistance to mildew and ability to bloom for weeks. ‘Bright Eyes’ blooms in mid-summer, reaches 1’ to 2’ tall, and does best in full sun.


‘Tomato Soup’ Coneflower

Echinacea plants, otherwise known as Coneflower, are a clump-forming perennial that offers large, showy flowers. Once established, these flowers can be drought resistant. They bloom all throughout summer, reach 2’ to 3’ tall, and do best in full sun.


‘Bubblegum Blast’ Monarda

This perennial grows in clumps of upright stems and are best known for their gorgeous, vibrant pink color. Otherwise known as Bee Balm, they are great for attracting little friends like bumble bees and hummingbirds. Monarda flowers throughout the summer, grows 1’ to 2’ tall, and does best in full sun.


‘Elsa Spath’ Clematis

These flowery climbers are a multi-stemmed, deciduous, woody vine. They bloom in early summer with possible reblooms in late summer/early fall and need full to partial sun.


Orange Garden Lily

Lilies are a common summer flower, with large, showy blooms bringing a bit of elegance to any landscape. These bloom early to mid-summer, reach 3’ tall, and do best in full sun.


‘Snow Lady’ Leucanthemum

These perennials are most effective when planted in groupings and are excellent for cutting. Commonly known as daisies, these bloom throughout the summer, reach under 1’ tall, and do best in full sun.


‘Superba’ Astilbe

‘Superba’ is known to grow very tall with stunning, lavender-pink blooms. These bloom in late summer, reach 2’ to 4’ tall, and do best planted in partial shade.


Feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Contact #teamserene for all your landscaping needs!

15 May 2020

Spring 2020 Landscaping Trends

At Serene Landscape Group, our team works hard to stay up on current landscaping trends, which are changing constantly. Through the National Associate of Landscape Professionals, we’re sharing their top trends for the 2020 season. Check them out below:

Yep, you read that correctly, shades of blue have become amongst the most popular colors for the 2020 season. This is in part thanks to Pantone naming blue its color of the year. Whether it’s in accent pieces or water features, you will likely spot a variation of blue shades incorporated.

Waves, lattice, chevron, basket weave; these are some popular interior patterns making the jump into hardscaping. Thanks to Unilock’s modern technology, we can incorporate it into your patio, walkway, retaining walls, and more!

Modern, sleek, and simple are key words all generations use to describe their dream landscape. Incorporating both function and flair will be a big theme in 2020.

People are incorporating their personal, unique style into their landscaping. Big into growing your own produce? Install plenty of raised beds and garden space. Do you love cooking for your family? Design a built-in cooking area and wood-fire pizza oven. The possibilities are endless for how you can create your outdoor space to reflect you!

Smart technology has taken over this year and it’s made its way into landscaping. Instead of manually watering your lawn, you can get it done with the click of a button through a website or phone app.

Looking to invest in one of these trends and incorporate it into your landscape design? Contact #teamserene today to get started!

26 Apr 2020

Properly Mulching your Landscape Bed

By Daphney McCristal, Landscape Designer

This week we’re discussing mulch and the role it plays in your landscape beds!

Using mulch in your landscape beds is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very beneficial to your landscape plants as well. Some of these benefits include feeding the soil, conserving water, and smothering weeds.

Using a non-dyed, natural wood mulch is recommended for adding essential nutrients to the soil. Some types of natural mulch include Cedar, Pine Bark, and natural hardwood.

Cover your landscape beds in a thick 3 to 4” layer of mulch to help smother/suppress weeds and retain soil moisture. Less than 2” of mulch will let in enough light through to allow weed seeds to germinate.

Once you’ve added mulch to your landscape beds, you should only need to topdress with 1 to 2” of mulch yearly to replenish it. Not only does mulch make a landscape look great after it’s installed, your plants and soil will appreciate it too.

Still lost or anxious about doing this yourself? Contact Serene Landscape Group! While we can’t be there to perform our jobs on site right now, we are still operating remotely to get ready for business’ to be open once again! Call us today or visit our contact page to get started.

28 Feb 2020

Revamp your Landscape this Spring!

Spring is our favorite time of year at Serene Landscape Group. As the snow thaws and greenery returns to Michigan, we are working hard on designing projects for clients so we can hit the ground running once the season begins. Are you looking for some inspiration on ways to revamp your landscape this spring? Here are a few favorites from #teamserene:

  • A Built-In Fire Pit: This is the perfect way to not only give your home a modern look and increase its value but bring your family together. This addition will allow you to enjoy nights outside by the fire well through the fall.
  • A Seated Wall: For those who might be short on space in their yard or are looking to add other amenities other than chairs, the addition of a seated wall is the perfect way to add elevation to your landscape and increase seating. Our trusted professionals can help you design this build using Unilock, our paver manufacturer, to give you a clean, unique look.
  • An Outdoor Kitchen: This is the ultimate amenity for frequent entertainers. A big trend that will continue into 2020 is bringing the indoors, outdoors, and this is the perfect way to do just that.
  • Plants, Plants, and More Plants: Great landscaping will always increase the value of your home, and plants are the easiest way to do so. Our expert designers will work closely with you to help choose the right plants that not only match the style of your home but your personality.
  • A Unilock Driveway: We utilize Unilock in all of our paver projects. Their pavers are beautiful, but most importantly, they are durable and will extend the life of your driveway.

If you’re interested in adding any of these amenities to your home, contact Serene Landscape Group today to make your home dreams a reality!

19 Dec 2019

Trends to Take Your Landscaping into the New Decade

The winter is prime time for Serene Landscape Group to start planning landscaping projects and renovations for the spring/summer. Planning is essential to any successful installation, but doing so can be difficult if you’re not on top of the upcoming trends for this season.

Thanks to Mom’s Design Build Blog, we can stay ahead of the game and help you design your landscape accordingly. Here are just four predicted landscaping trends for 2020:

  1. The intersection of indoor and outdoor living: A cool trend in 2020 will be all about combining the elements and bringing indoor living to the outdoors. Sofas, comfortable chairs, and throw cushions, in turn, will live outdoors on patios – making lounging outside a comfort fest.
  2. Smart technology: We live in the age of advanced technology and smart features are enhancing home design everywhere. A perfect example of smart technology is phantom screens, which are retractable screen doors that can be used in outdoor spaces.
  3. Unique outdoor lighting: Sleek, minimalist, linear lighting will be all the rage in 2020. The addition of outdoor lighting illuminates your landscape and softens the design elements all-around your home. LED light channels hiding under sidewalks and patio spaces make for a soothing feel. Essentially, the lighting enhances the curves and texture of the design, boosting the look and creating safety and visibility for guests and family.
  4. Modern Patio Flooring: This year, a more modernized look with patio flooring will be on the rise. We can create unique designs for all of our clients using Unilock, which can be utilized not only on patios, but for walkways, driveways, and more. You can learn more about our paver manufacturer and what we can do using their products here.

Are you looking to update your landscaping this spring/summer? #TeamSerene is here to help! Contact us and our designers will help make your landscape dreams a reality.

This post originally appeared on Mom’s Design Blog and was written by Brittany Chaffee. You can view the original here: http://bit.ly/34FfQWl

18 Sep 2019

Fall Maintenance Guarantees Healthy Spring Lawns

What’s the key to a healthy lawn in the spring when the ground thaws and landscape comes back to life? It’s continued maintenance in the fall! While many homeowners focus on the leaves during the season change, it’s important to prep your lawn for Michigan’s notorious winter. Here are some tips on getting ahead and achieving a beautiful lawn come spring-time:

  • Pull weeds: This is not exclusive to fall and important all year round, but it can lead to less weeds in the spring when growth begins again.
  • Overseed and fertilize: Seed dead or bare spots and overseed your entire lawn to get dense, plush grass that is vibrant in color. Additionally, fertilizer should be laid mid-September for cold-winter climates and mid-October for mild-winter climates.
  • Continue Cutting Your Grass: It’s important to keep it at 2 to 2.5 inches tall, as more than 3 inches will cause it to mat, and lead to winter lawn disease problems such as snow mold. If you cut shorter than 2 inches, you’ll limit the ability to make and store food for growth in the spring and encourage weed growth.
  • Rake and Remove Debris: Raking and removing your leaves in the yard may seem like common sense, but it’s important to understand the damage it can cause to your yard. Aside from a healthier lawn, built up leaves that are left to freeze and unfreeze can leave room for bacteria to grow and release forms of phosphate and nitrates.
  • Prune Plants: Cut most perennials back close to the ground.

While this won’t guarantee a lush, green lawn when winter ends, following this guide will help you achieve the best lawn on the block and save time, money, and energy come spring. Of course, you can always contact Serene Landscape Group and take part in one of our lawncare programs. We are here to help!

These tips originally appeared in “A Seasonal Guide: Fall Lawn and Landscape Care” on www.loveyourlandscape.org. You can read the full article here.

Serene Landscape Group is hiring and we want you to join our team! We're offering some great incentives to applicants right now including a hiring bonus of up to $1,000 in addition to a $30 gas card to candidates that have a successful interview. If you're interested, visit our careers page, www.serenesurroundings.com/careers, or email wgrigg@serenesurroundings.com.