Accent and Landscape Lighting Needs

Serene Surroundings offers the most up-to-date and current options for all of your Landscape Lighting needs. Check out the latest products that we now offer:

Vista Introduces New LED Lamps for Retrofit of Existing Outdoor Lighting

Revolutionary MR-16 Lamps Designed & Built in USA Specifically for Use in Exterior Fixtures

LED1  LED side  LED front 

Vista has developed a new lamp concept “from the ground up” that incorporates revolutionary patent-pending features that provide innovative performance advantages in outdoor environments.   Outdoor applications have temperature and humidity extremes rarely encountered in indoors.

 Vista’s new LED lamps will enable you to upgrade any existing landscape lighting installation to the energy-saving benefits of LED without sacrificing performance, longevity or quality of light.

Innovative Unitized Construction – This forward-thinking design seals the LED board and driver in the corrosion-resistant thermo-composite body during the molding process

Advanced Thermal Management –  the Vista LED lamps patent-pending thermal management can operate up to 25 degrees cooler than standard LED aluminum lamps.

Dramatic Energy Savings – Low wattage draw allows more lamps per cable and transformer.  Easily add new fixtures to existing wiring when converting to LED.

Long Life – 35,000 hour rated life – reduces maintenance, annual re-lamping and lamp replacement costs. 5 year warranty.

Eye-Appealing, Precise Light – High performance optics with beam spread choice of 25, 36 and 60 degree options.

Wide Operating Range – 9V to 15V (AC/DC), virtually eliminates voltage drop concerns. Dimmable – with most magnetic transformers.

Vista’s Up-and-Accent Fixtures Now Available with Factory-Installed MR-16 LED Lamps

Light2   light

Vista’s engineering team has enhanced our most popular up-and-accent fixtures (including the 2216, 2219, 2220, 2250 and 2416) and paired them with our high-performance LED lamp to provide the industry’s most reliable combination of features and performance.

 Made in USA exclusively for Vista, the innovative thermo-composite LED lamp has encapsulated (in-mold) electronics, which protects the vital components from moisture and eliminates the multiple part-on-part construction including fasteners, glues, thermo grease and hand assembly used in aluminum lamps.

Key Benefits of Fixtures with Factory-Installed LED Lamps:

  • Up to 80% Energy Savings over standard halogen fixtures. Add new fixtures to existing wiring when converting to LED.
  • Available in 4.5W (replaces 20W halogen) and 5.5W (replaces 35W halogen)
  • Precision optics – choice of 25, 36 and 60 degree beam spreads.
  • 35,000 hour lamp life – reduces maintenance, annual re-lamping and lamp replacement costs. 5 year warranty.
  • Operating Voltage – 9V to 15V (AC/DC), virtually eliminates voltage drop concerns.
  • Eye-appealing warm white light rated at 3000K, consistent color from lamp to lamp.
  • Fixture arrives to job site fully assembled, no need to select or install correct lamp.

Many other products including in-ground, brick/step and specialty fixtures are also available with the new LED lamps, consult factory for details

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Landscape Watering Tips | Plymouth MI

Plymouth MI Summer Landscape Watering Tips from Serene Surroundings, Inc.

The Importance of Proper  Landscape Watering in Plymouth MI

Once your Plymouth MI landscape has been installed, nothing is more important to its ability to thrive than water. When they don’t receive the the proper amount of water, landscape plants in Plymouth and Northville Michigan are unable to develop in a healthy way and become more susceptible to damage from landscape pests. Too much water can be just as unhealthy as too little water for your Plymouth MI landscape. If Plymouth MI soil is kept too moist, landscape plants become prone to rots and other diseases.

How Much Water Is Right for your Plymouth MI Landscape?

In most cases, Plymouth and Northville MI landscapes need more than just natural rain water. How much to water your landscape and how often can vary depending on your unique Plymouth MI landscape. The best way to tell when your Plymouth MI landscape needs water is to judge its appearance. If your landscape’s soil is dry to a depth of a half an inch or so, it’s time to water. How often you need to water your Plymouth MI landscape plants will vary greatly with the temperature.  Other factors influencing the frequency of watering needed by your Plymouth or Northville Michigan landscape are the composition of the soil, the amount of sunlight, how well the landscape is mulched and whether the plants are in flower (during flowering, landscape plants generally require more water). But always keep in mind, you can most definitely water your Plymouth MI landscape too much. To determine the optimal amount and frequency of water for your Plymouth MI or Northville MI landscape, it’s best to consult the experts at Serene Surroundings!

When watering you want to make sure your Plymouth Michigan soil is well moistened. This can be time consuming, but it is better to water thoroughly than to give your Plymouth or Northville a brief shower. Always try to water the base of your Plymouth MI landscape plants, but in times of meager rainfall you can give the foliage an occasional spray as well. The best time to water is often in the morning. Late evening is probably the worst time to water, as it leaves the foliage damp at night when molds and fungi are most active. But never let your bone-dry Plymouth MI landscape go without watering simply because you can’t do it at the optimum time of day.

Avoid Guesswork and Worry with an Irrigation System

Plymouth MI Irrigation System Installation

Plymouth MI Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation systems are an excellent investment for those with valuable Plymouth MI landscapes. The experts at Serene Surroundings can design and install an irrigation system customized to best water your Plymouth MI landscape, saving you time, worry, and money.  You can rest assured that your landscape is getting the right amount of water at the right time, and forget about it! Relax and enjoy your Serene Surroundings this summer with a custom irrigation system. Call or email us today for your free consultation!

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Annual Flowers Add Color in Plymouth, Michigan

Annual Flowers in Plymouth MI

Annual Flowers (Impatiens) in Plymouth MI

Annual flowers instantly add color and revive existing landscapes in Plymouth MI, Northville MI and throughout Metro-Detroit. When we ask our Plymouth MI clients what they’d like to see in their landscapes, the most common request that we hear is for more color! Annual flowers are an excellent choice to refresh and enliven your Plymouth MI landscape beds this season.

Don’t miss your opportunity to instantly revitalize your Plymouth MI or Northville MI landscape this year with annual flowers! Let the landscaping professionals at Serene Surroundings provide a custom design and installation of annual flowers that will transform your Metro-Detroit landscape with an explosion of color and texture.

Annual flower varieties in southeastern Michigan include begonia, impatiens, snapdragon, petunia and more while available. And forget about the work and worry of keeping your Plymouth MI annual flower beds weed-free and neatly maintained! Ask about our convenient gardening & weeding services for a completely maintenance-free Plymouth MI landscape that you can relax and enjoy all season!

What are Annual Flowers?

What makes annual flowers “annual” and perennial flowers “perennial?” It’s all in the life cycle. Botanically speaking, annual flowers complete their life cycle in one year in southeastern Michigan.  Although annual flowers last only one year as part of your Plymouth MI landscape, their brilliant color displays make them highly desirable landscape bed elements. Their vivid beauty and low cost make annual flowers the perfect way to revitalize and refresh your existing Plymouth MI or Northville MI landscaping without a serious investment or major landscaping changes.

Call our Plymouth MI office staff at (734) 416-9062 or email us at today for more information about annual flowers or to schedule your free consultation appointment with one of our experienced and dedicated landscaping professionals. Don’t miss out on your chance to instantly add color and interest to your Plymouth MI landscape with annual flowers!

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Water Management Solutions | Plymouth MI

Prepare Your Plymouth MI Home for Spring with Water Management Solutions

Plymouth MI Landscaping | Landscape Design & Installation Plymouth MI | Landscape Maintenance Plymouth Michigan | Northville MI Landscape & Lawn Care | Plymouth  MI Water Management | Northville  MI Water Management

As we step out of our homes in Plymouth MI and Northville MI, we immediately notice the fresh smell of the soil. Spring is arriving, and it’s the perfect time to walk around your Plymouth Michigan home and think about some of the landscaping projects you’d like to explore for your Plymouth MI home this year.

Early spring is ideal for addressing water flow management on your Plymouth MI property, including:

  • Designing & Installing Drainage Systems
  • Burying Downspouts
  • Grading & Leveling
  • Installing Sod & Seed

While you’re outside, it’s important that you check for water damage around the base of your Plymouth MI home, as well as other signs of drainage problems. Pooling water can cause damage to your Northville Michigan lawn, landscape, and even the foundation of your metro-Detroit home. Timely intervention by professionals can save you costly repairs in the future.

As winter melts alway and the metro-Detroit soil settles, you may also begin to notice your Plymouth Michigan property settling into low areas where utilities have been installed in previous years. At Serene Surroundings, we have the knowledge and experience to find a solution for your Plymouth MI property no matter what the problem.

Let the experts at Serene Surroundings act now to save you from potential property damage and water management problems throughout the season! We specialize in designing and installing complete water management systems for your Plymouth or Northville MI home, including:

Make sure that your Plymouth MI or Northville MI home is ready this spring. Call us at (734) 416-9062 or email us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced professionals. Ask about our complete lineup of landscape maintenance programs, or click here to read more.

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Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control | Plymouth MI

Having a beautiful lawn in Plymouth MI requires planning for the upcoming season before it arrives. At Serene Surroundings, we know that some of the most important steps to establishing beautiful, healthy lawns and landscapes for our clients in Plymouth Michigan and Northville Michigan need to be taken even before spring begins. That’s why we want to make sure that none of our Plymouth MI clients miss the opportunity to take advantage of our first round of lawn fertilization, which is crucial for your Plymouth MI lawn’s health and appearance for the rest of the year.

Our first round of lawn fertilization treatment is designed to promote your Plymouth MI lawn’s recovery from winter stress and encourages early spring greening. Pre-emergent weed control and crab grass control are also applied, weather permitting.

Crab Grass

Crab Grass

Crab grass (or “crabgrass”) seeds germinate in the spring when soil temperatures reach about 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit at a depth of two to three inches. For the reminder of the season the crab grass plant will produce seeds, until the plants (but not the seeds) are killed off by autumn frosts. That’s why it’s essential to prevent crab grass from germinating in your Plymouth MI lawn in the first place each spring.

Pre-emergent crab grass control kills crabgrass seedlings as they germinate, stopping the crab grass lifecycle before it becomes problematic and unsightly. Think of pre-emergent crab grass control as forming an invisible barrier across the surface of your lawn, stopping the emerging crab grass dead in its tracks. If this “shield” is not in place before spring warmth arrives in Plymouth MI, it can become much more difficult to control and eradicate crab grass in your lawn.

You can make sure that you don’t miss out on this essential lawn care treatment by signing up for a lawn fertilization program. Let Serene Surroundings take the work and worry out of your Plymouth MI lawn care this season by ensuring that your lawn gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Programs are offerred at different levels (Basic, Standard, and Advanced) to suit your needs and your budget, and pre-payment savings are also available. Call our office at (734) 416-9062 for more details, or read more about each of our lawn fertilization programs here.

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Protecting Plymouth MI Landscape in Winter

Winter Conditions in Plymouth, MI Can Cause Landscape Damage

Plymouth MI, Northville MI, and our surrounding communities experience harsh winter conditions that can damage ornamental trees and shrubs. Understanding how winter damage occurs and how to prevent it can save money for Plymouth MI residents by protecting their valuable growing investments from harm during the coldest months of winter. In the wintertime, sun, wind, and cold temperatures can damage bark, injure or kill branches, as well as damage the roots of trees and shrubs in Plymouth MI. Your Plymouth or Northville MI landscape can also suffer from damage caused by snow and ice, which can sometimes break branches or topple trees entirely.

And it’s not only weather conditions themselves that can damage trees and shrubs in our clients’ Plymouth MI landscapes. Salt and icemelt products used in the wintertime on streets, walks, and driveways can also be harmful to your Plymouth MI landscaping. In the winter, food scarcity can also bring deer or other animals to feed on foliage, bark and twigs, injuring or killing trees and shrubs in Plymouth, Northville, and other Michigan communities.

How to Protect Your Growing Investments

Winter Tree & Shrub Wrapping

Winter Tree & Shrub Wrapping

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can prevent or minimize winter damage to the trees and shrubs in your Plymouth MI landscape. Shrub shelters are easy to construct or purchase, and provide protection for your shrubs in the event of icy weather or heavy snow accumulations. For evergreen shrubs or ornamental trees in your Plymouth MI landscaping, tree wrapping is often a preferable method. Tree wraps are often made of burlap netting, providing protection for plant limbs and branches against some of winter’s harshest conditions. Finally, if your Plymouth MI trees and shrubs are exposed to particularly windy winter conditions, the formation of a windbreak could be an important part of your winter landscape protection.

Contact Serene Surroundings today for a free consultation, and ask us about protecting your Plymouth MI landscape this winter. Our knowledgeable professionals have years of experience  providing the best landscaping services available for Plymouth MI, Northville MI and our surrounding communities.

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