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Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care

Professional tree and shrub care is essential to protecting your growing investments in Plymouth MI, Northville MI, and beyond. Serene Surroundings provides professional care for ornamental trees and shrubs of all varieties. Whether you’re looking for complete tree & shrub care maintenance for your Plymouth MI landscape, or knowledgable consultation and treatment for a specific tree & shrub care problem, our experienced experts provide the best tree & shrub care available.

Proper trimming, pruning, and shaping for your Plymouth MI trees and shrubs is a vital tree & shrub care step, maximizing both the appearance and health of your landscaping. The professionals at Serene Surroundings are experts with years of experience and a passion for tree and shrub care. Correct trimming and pruning for your trees and shrubs requires professionals who know how to optimize the appearance of your landscape in Plymouth MI while maintaining a horticulturally correct balance that promotes the health and growth of your ornamental trees & shrubs.

Tree and shrub care involves more than simply trimming and pruning your Plymouth MI landscape, and Serene Surroundings provides comprehensive tree & shrub care programs as well as individual treatments to truly protect and promote the health of your Plymouth MI trees and shrubs. Treatments are tailored for each Plymouth MI client to reflect the time of the season and the individual needs of your specific trees and shrubs. Tree and shrub care treatments include:

Dormant oil treatment,  which helps to control over-wintering insect eggs, immature and some adult insects.

Deep root fertilization, administered as a root zone injection to improve bud and fruit production, as well as supporting the root structure of your ornamental trees and shrubs.

Preventative insect control, protecting your Plymouth MI landscape from specific pests at the appropriate time of the season. Some of these insects include Tent Caterpillars, Leaf Miners, Sawfly, aphids, Japanese Beetles, Spider Mites, webworm, and more.

Preventative disease control, fortifying your trees and shrubs against problems such as fungi, mildew, scab, rust, powdery mildew, and other leaf spotting diseases.

The qualified tree & shrub care specialists at Serene Surroundings also provide expert diagnostic evaluations and treatment should your Plymouth MI landscape require curative care. Systemic trunk injections, curative disease control and fungicide, and curative insect control treatments and miticide are available.

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